About us

Qualifications and Vocational Education and Training Development Centre was established in 29 February 1996 by the order of the Minister of Education and Science regarding the establishment of Methodological Centre for Vocational Education and Training. In January 2010 the name of Methodological Centre for Vocational Education and Training was changed to Qualifications and Vocational Education and Training Development Centre.

We strive:

  • To ensure the developments of Lithuanian lifelong learning system correspond to the needs of the economy as well as national and international initiatives


  • To manage Lithuanian qualifications system;
  • To improve VET quality;
  • To develop adult education system;
  • To implement VET and adult education participants qualification development initiatives.

The core activities:

  • Development of qualifications standards;
  • Applied research in VET and adult education;
  • Formation of qualifications system;
  • Assessment of formal VET programmes;
  • Assessment of readiness to implement formal VET programmes;
  • External assessment of VET institutions;
  • Assessment of external competence assessment institutions resources;
  • Qualification improvement of VET teachers and adult educators;
  • Organisation of development of modular programmes and their renewal;
  • Development of VET credits system;
  • Compilation, analysis and dissemination of VET information;
  • Methodical support for VET and adult education;
  • Monitoring of skills competitions;
  • Organisation of central and sectoral professional committees activities;
  • Coordination of methodical teachers commissions;
  • Performance of Quality Assurance National Reference Point for VET functions and National Coordination Point tasks related to implementing European Qualifications Framework; coordination of ReferNet network in Lithuania.

You may find us:
Viršuliškių str. 103
LT-05115 Vilnius