Description of the project “Comprehensive policy frameworks for continuing VET: Reform of Continuing Vocational Education and Training Systems (Re-CVET)”

Project duration: 2015/11/01 – 2017/11/30.

Project partners – Ministry of Education and Culture (MOEC) ir Enoros Consulting (Cyprus).

Problems addressed – the high concentration of unemployment among the population and especially young people, the quantitative and qualitative imbalances in the labour market and shortcomings in technical occupations and low-skilled occupations, the inability of the educational systems to respond flexibly to market needs and the knowledge society and the existing gaps in the system of vocational guidance and mentoring have made the need for concrete reforms inevitable.

Project objectives – the Re-CVET project aims to implement activities that complement the actions and objectives set in the National Strategies for Lifelong Learning 2014-2020. More specifically, the main strategic objective identified is the amelioration of the link with the labour market and to improve the quality, attractiveness and effectiveness of continuing vocational education and training in the participating countries. The project intends to engage in in-depth partnerships to review and map CVET provision at national levels so as to identify specific challenges and opportunities for the take up of this form of education. The project aims to build on the already set out ESF activities and to provide additional tools, which will facilitate the formulation of concrete policies based on more validated data.

Project target groups – CVET participants, who are looking to improve their employability opportunities and enhance their professional profiles through acquiring more targeted education and training. Also, government authorities and officials in charge of CVET in the participating countries, as well as non-governmental organisations, in addition to CVET providers that are looking to provide better education choices to their students.

EU added value – the Re-CVET project aims to contribute to employability and economic growth as well as to respond to broader societal challenges. The project activities will enhance the uptake of the programmes offered within this system and strengthen the link between CVET and the labour market making it more attractive to the beneficiaries of both sides (enterprises, businesses and potential employees, CVET institutions).

Main deliverables:

  • the elaboration of a wide mapping exercise so as to identify and analyze the existing labour market needs and the prospects for future growth in the field of CVET;
  • the establishment of a Business Forum to promote and enhance entrepreneurship within the CVET cycle;
  • the formulation of a Quality Code Handbook including good practices.

The aforementioned deliverables will support and provide concrete data to be used by the National Authorities in charge of CVET, towards the design of a model for enhanced cooperation between schools and enterprises, in addition to facilitating cooperation between social partners, education and training providers, organisations engaged in research, etc., so as to ensure the better transfer of

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