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ReferNet is a network created by Cedefop in 2002 to provide information on national vocational education and training (VET) systems and policies in Member States, Iceland and Norway. This information is displayed in Cedefop databases and is used for comparative studies. At country level it gives valuable insights into national VET systems. The network builds upon national consortia in each partner country. Every consortium is led by a coordinating institution and consists of key organisations involved in VET activities, including social partners.

Lithuanian ReferNet started its activity at the end of 2003. The network comprises from 20 organisations that have signed a Partnership Agreement. The purpose of partnership is promotion of the development of vocational education and training as well as human resources on the basis of informed decisions.

Common work programme of ReferNet Lithuania covers:

  • accumulation and systemization of information;
  • analysis of data;
  • initiation and coordination of researches;
  • dissemination of useful information;
  • support to policymakers, researchers and practitioners with processed information;
  • participation in Cedefop activities.

ReferNet National Coordinators
More information about ReferNet network

    Leaflet about ReferNet

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