Developing Apprenticeship: In-Company Trainer Training and Apprenticeship Promotion


Project duration: 01/09/2015 – 31/08/2017

Project partners: Jerusalem Labour Market Training Centre (Lithuania), Centre of Expertise and Productivity (Finland), Actions Intégrées de Développement asbl (Integrated Development Action) (Belgium), Qualifications and Vocational Education and Training Development Centre (Lithuania), Lithuanian Engineering Industries Association (Lithuania), Lithuanian Builders Association (Lithuania), Estonian Employers’ Confederation (Estonia) and Latvian Employers’ confederation (Latvia).

Project aim – contribution to the development of Apprenticeship in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

Project target group – in-company trainers. Indirectly – apprentices.

Project will interview around 90 companies about their in-company trainer training needs. 30 in-company trainers will be pilot trained in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. Partners from Finland and Belgium will provide the methodology and the know-how in composing the intellectual products of the project. In Lithuania, a review of the current in-company trainer training programme provision and of the legal framework will be carried out.

Project intellectual products:

    1. An In-Company Trainer Training Programme Model
    2. A Model Concept for Apprenticeship Promotion

Project results:
• The Needs Analysis and Provision Review. The needs will be found out through face-to-face or telephone interviews of companies. Latvian, Estonian and Lithuanian partners will interview companies in their own countries. For that purpose, a questionnaire will be developed. Current provision of similar training programmes will also be reviewed.
• 30-50 companies interviewed.
• Methodology Review. All participant countries will research the available methodology on the development of the In-Company Trainer Training Programme.
• In-Company Trainer Training Programme Model. The contents of the Model will be established after the Needs Assessment and Methodology Review are completed. Model might embrace such topics as establishing competences required for a job, preparation of a training plan, methodology on how most effectively to convey the knowledge to an apprentice, training documentation, communication with apprentices, assessment of apprentices and /or similar.
• Resource Kit for In-Company Trainer. It will be a collection of instructions to remind the main principles on the preparation, training and evaluation of trainees.
• 4 adapted versions of the Model of In-Company Trainer Training Programme for Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Finland.
• 1-3 Profession Specific In-company Trainer Training programmes (e.g. for training roofers, welders).
– 30 In-Company Trainers trained
• Concept Model for Apprenticeship Promotion. It will encompass the main directions in aiming to attract more people to take learning in the apprenticeship form.
• 4 adapted versions of the Concept of Apprenticeship Promotion for Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Belgium.
• 3 Promotional Templates for Apprenticeship: Leaflet, Poster, Information Letter to Companies.
• 12 seminars organised with youth and the unemployed to promote apprenticeship.
• 3 seminars organised with Heads of business enterprises to promote apprenticeship.
• 6 articles published (3 paper and 3 online) to promote apprenticeship.

Project news:

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