NEW European citizens! Tools for the Inclusion of Migrants in European Society, No. 2020-1-LT01-KA204-077886


About Project

Project number: 2020-1-LT01-KA204-077886

Project duration: 2020-11-01 – 2022-12-31

Project acronym: NEW TIMES

Target groups:

1. Adults’ Teachers and trainers / mentors / expert professionals;
2. Migrants and refugees;
3. Policy Makers.
The aim of the project is to exchange good practices at transnational and European level and to outline new approaches, methods and tools for the training of migrants and refugees from third countries as future aware and responsible European citizens.

The objectives that the project pursues are the following:

  • create a transnational network to promote the development and exchange at local, regional, national and European level of innovative and improvement practices aimed at supporting a more active participation of migrants and refugees from third countries in European society in terms of informed citizenship;
  • identify guidelines that allow the various operators who support migrants and refugees from third countries to guide them towards the acquisition of complex social and civic skills;
  • imagine paths specifically intended for migrants and refugees for the knowledge of democratic values, fundamental rights, the project, the values and the history of the EU (education for European citizenship);
  • Lay the foundations for the future realization of European civic education courses aimed at migrants and refugees, based on the educational model identified in the final report of the project.
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Project Results

During the project we intend to achieve the following results:

1) Active involvement at local level and through the coordination of partner organizations, citizenship education experts and the various subjects involved in the training of migrants and refugees from third countries: linguistic and cultural mediators, educators, teachers of Education Centres for adults, social workers, pedagogists, operators of training agencies, voluntary associations, employment centres, etc.
2) The development of new approaches, methods, tools dedicated to European citizenship education for effective social and political inclusion of migrants and refugees from third countries within European society. It will be an operational training model for European citizenship, dedicated to migrants and refugees from third countries, which, while taking into account the differences in national contexts, draws up common guidelines on active citizenship (NEW TIMES educational model).
3) The preparation of a curriculum that highlights skills, knowledge and skills to be developed (both educators / mentors and migrants) and the index of training content to be developed to meet the minimum agreed requirements.

Links where you can find more information about project and the implementation of project activities:

Overall synthesis of National Reports with collection of good practices on the transmission of social and civic skills to the adult population

Overall report of National reports on Focus groups with migrants/refugees and professionals working with migrants/refugees

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Phone: +37062577564

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